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Taurus Ascendant, Rising Sign in Taurus
Taurus Ascendant, Rising Sign in Taurus

Taurus Rising Sign
Ascendant in Taurus
(Descendant in Scorpio)

Taurus Ascendant - Personality, Characteristics & Meanings
People who have Taurus Ascendant enter life slowly and relentlessly. They do not rush. They make plans, build and work systematically in order to achieve their goal. However, they might become lazy, or they want things to stay the same even though they have no longer purpose or meaning.

Scorpio Descendant - Partners & Compatibility
When you have a Scorpio Descendant your relationship are marked by strong and intense emotions. Jealousy and possessiveness can cause many relationship problems. The sign of Scorpio makes these people to examine their soul and find hidden motives and underlying causes of their behavior. They cannot be content with shallow illusions and a relationship with their partner forces them to get rid of their old habits.

If you have Taurus Ascendant, your partner may seem to you too passionate or mysterious, and you might have the feeling that he is trying to manipulate you. Do not be afraid to let him get closer to you, but do not give up your influence. If you are looking for a partner, be prepared to accept devotion and mutual obsession. The cause of your difficulties to find a partner is not your appearance, but your mistaken doubts about your value that are hidden underneath.

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