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Libra Ascendant, Rising Sign in Libra
Libra Ascendant, Rising Sign in Libra

Libra Rising Sign
Ascendant in Libra
(Descendant in Aries)

Libra Ascendant - Personality, Characteristics & Meanings
Libra prefers tasks that are well thought out, prepared and based on objectives and correct assessment of the situation. Trying to take into consideration opinions of others can slow the person down and manifest as hesitation, indecision or opportunism. These people usually prefer if somebody makes decisions for them. It is important to create a strong system of values and norms which can be followed, because this enables easier decision-making.

Aries Descendant - Partners & Compatibility
People with Libra on the Ascendant seek perfect relationships that are harmonious and pleasant. But they can become critical if something does not match their expectations and force their partner to adopt their opinion.

If you have Libra Ascendant, you have Aries Descendant. Self-centered and assertive partner might force you to make concessions. However, if your partner is unfair and demanding, you must learn to insist and require that your partner respects certain values in order to ensure that you have a balanced relationship. You should not always wait to see what happens; you should openly voice your opinion and be prepared to engage in a conflict.

You both should feel as people with equal rights in your relationship. Encourage healthy competition in order to become aware of your capabilities and values.

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