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Lunar Mansions (Stations)
27/28 Mansions of the Moon
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The Moon completes the full 360° zodiac circle against the stars in about 27.3 days (Sidereal Lunar Month).
Lunar Mansions (also called Lunar Stations) are the equal segments of the ecliptic through which the Moon passes in its orbit.
Various cultures have used various divisions of the ecliptic. However the most frequent methods were to divide Zodiac into 27 or 28 equal segments, because Moon spends cca 1 day & night in each Lunar Mansion:
  • Division - 27 Mansions:
    - Mostly used in: Indian astrology
    - Mansion is called: Nakshatra
    - Preferred zodiac: Sidereal
    - Length of mansion: 360°/27 = 13°20’00’’
  • Division - 28 Mansions:
    - Mostly used in: Western/Arabic astrology
    - Mansion is called: Manzil
    - Preferred zodiac: Tropical
    - Length of mansion: 360°/28 = 12°51’25’’
It's said, that knowing the Lunar Mansion of your birth Moon can give you vital information about your personality, inner driving forces and purpose.

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