Cypress Tree- Celtic Tree Zodiac Sign

Strong keywords:

Tolerance, Sociability

Weak keywords:


Tree variants:

Hawthorn, Juniper, Camomile

23 January – 31 January
25 July – 4 August

Celtic Druids did not determine Sign based on the actul date of birth but rather by the date of conception. For example, if you were born three weeks before the scheduled date, you need to add these three weeks to the actual date of birth, in order to figure out the appropriate Sign.

Cypress Tree - Celtic (Druid) Zodiac Sign Meaning

Characteristics and personality
People born under the rule of Cypress are tolerant, resourceful and faithful. However, they are also quite lazy and inclined to oppress the weak in their surroundings. They have the ability to endure the adversity of fate, which does not break them; on contrary, they learn from the experience. The nature of people born under the rule of Cypress is very rare, because they are able to intensively enjoy everything that life brings. These people have a strong will to find a solution to a problem even if it means their discomfort. Perhaps that is why they do not lose their head, goodwill and hope that things will get better, even in the worst situations.

Just like cypress trees, these people like the Sun and they cannot stand any restrictions on their personal freedom. If you force them to live in confined conditions, whether in a physical or spiritual sense, they will soon become grumpy and they will make life miserable even for the greatest optimists around them. They do not like being alone and they avoid solitude. They prefer spending time in their family circle or with good friends. They need both, their family and friends, in order to be happy in their lives. Cypress people are popular because their presence has a calming effect on other people.

These people love nature, they like to wander around and they are very keen travellers. Their main interest is getting to see new places and learning about the customs of the people living there. People born under the rule of Cypress just want to be happy. They are not really interested in anything else; they do not attach special importance to success in life or to material values. They are therefore not successful traders, politicians or entrepreneurs. The most suitable profession for them is a job that requires constant contact with people, but where they can also work independently and nobody limits their vigour and enthusiasm. They are very good tour guides, truck drivers and pilots, for example. Their career, however, is not sky-high, because they are not making a very good effort to climb up the career ladder. On the contrary, they carefully avoid everything that can cause a problem that may disturb their happiness.

Cypress people are daydreamers and they let their life take its natural course. They organise their lives only in case of extreme inevitability and with great self-denial. The biggest obstacle of their journey to happiness is their effort to avoid any challenging and stressful situations. They do not realize that in life it is sometimes necessary to stand up for yourself and take risks, otherwise it is not possible to move forward.

Cypress people are not good managers because they tend to be too bossy and procrastinate when a problem has to be solved. They are strict and uncompromising with their subordinates. They usually lack organizational talent so their efforts often lead to confusion, chaos and quarrels, in which everybody accuses everybody else.

They behave the same way in their marriage; sometimes they require a submissive subordination and boundless devotion from their partner. If their current partner cannot or does not want to give it to them, they will break up with them and find another partner without mercy. In love, they are wild and sensual. They will change many romantic partners before they find a person who will conform to them. But once they find the right person, they love them with all their heart. In that case, they are faithful to them until the day they die.

Cypress people are just as healthy as their tree, which is strong and beautiful. As they get older they may become hypochondriacs under the influence of other people. They may start looking for diseases that everybody has at that age.

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Celtic (Druid) Tree Horoscope - Celtic Tree Zodiac Signs

* Note: Celtic Druids did not determine Sign based on the actual date of birth but rather by the date of conception. For example, if you were born three weeks before the scheduled date, you need to add these three weeks to the actual date of birth, in order to figure out the appropriate Sign.







Jan 2

 –  Jan 11


Jul 3

 –  Jul 13



Jan 12

 –  Jan 22


Jul 14

 –  Jul 24



Jan 23

 –  Jan 31


Jul 25

 –  Aug 4



Feb 1

 –  Feb 10


Aug 5

 –  Aug 14



Feb 11

 –  Feb 20


Aug 15

 –  Aug 24



Feb 21

 –  Mar 2


Aug 25

 –  Sep 3



Mar 3

 –  Mar 12


Sep 4

 –  Sep 13



Mar 13

 –  Mar 20


Sep 14

 –  Sep 22



Mar 21

   (Spring Equinox)


Sep 23

   (Autumnal Equinox)



Mar 22

 –  Mar 31


Sep 24

 –  Oct 2



April 1

 –  Apr 10


Oct 3

 –  Oct 11



April 11

 –  Apr 20


Oct 12

 –  Oct 21



April 21

 –  Apr 30


Oct 22

 –  Oct 31



May 1

 –  May 10


Nov 1

 –  Nov 10



May 11

 –  May 20


Nov 11

 –  Nov 20



May 21

 –  May 30


Nov 21

 –  Nov 30



May 31

 –  Jun 10


Dec 1

 –  Dec 10



Jun 11

 –  Jun 20


Dec 11

 –  Dec 20



Jun 21

   (Summer Solstice)


Dec 21

   (Winter Solstice)



Jun 22

 –  Jul 2


Dec 22

 –  Jan 1

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